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Quality Assurance System at The Faculty of Business Administration

1. Internal quality assurance system of the Faculty of Business Administration:

- Core values  (1) Commitments of the highest level of leadership (Faculty Chairmans) are the prerequisites for determining the success of quality; (2) Customer-focused: the entire faculty's activities aim at the highest quality of service to the main internal and external "customers", including students, lecturers, staff, employers, and the business community; (3) Participation of relevant parties: quality needs to be designed and controlled from a variety of perspectives. The Faculty's quality assurance system is an open system, ready to listen and encourage the participation of all stakeholders such as students, alumni, employers, lecturers. This system also has inputs such as guidelines, regulations and requirements of the State Bank; The Ministry of Education and Training, HUB, the Vietnamese legal system and prestigious accrediting organizations selected by the school; (3) Continuous improvement: The basis of improvements based on objective, honest, transparent, public data from: Comparison with internal and external standards with good practices within the Faculty; Data and information on quality assurance shared effectively and transparently to all stakeholders;

- Organizational structure and personnel: The organizational structure of quality assurance activities has been agreed from the school and to the Faculty. The Faculty has assigned 01 Deputy Dean directly in charge of quality assurance. The Quality Assurance Team of the Faculty has also been established with the concurrent members of the Faculty's Board of Directors and administrative departments;

2. Certificate of quality assurance

- Certificate of Compliance with sexual quality standards of the Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET);


- Certificate of Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 of Afnor Organization of the French Republic

3. Quality target 2021 – 2025

- Together with Ho Chi Minh University of Banking, maintain the internal quality assurance system that has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET) to meet the quality standards of higher education with the number of criteria reaching over 85% (2017-2022);

- Comply with commitments on quality objectives; The action program of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 has been evaluated and certified by afnor organization of the French Republic (2021 - 2023);

- Carry out activities to improve the quality of business administration training to meet the criteria of ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN - QA) in 2023;

- Step by step build a culture of quality assurance: The quality culture of the Faculty of Business Administration has a solid foundation from the tradition of more than 45 years of development of HBU and 17 years of establishment and development of the Faculty of Business Administration.




    Floor 2, Center building, 56 Hoang Dieu st, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc city, HoChiMinh city

    (028) 38.971.640


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