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Programme Objectives


Managers are those responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling to achieve the organization's goals. In business, a business manager will perform his duties thanks to a very comprehensive knowledge of the entire operation of an enterprise. Therefore, the highlight of the business administration training program is its comprehensiveness and universality, allowing students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in many different fields and industries.

With a team of experienced and highly qualified lecturers, the Faculty of Business Administration - BUH pursues the philosophy of "Sharing experiences to change the future" and Mission: A place to sow seeds, train, educate, determine Research and develop high-quality human resources in the field of Business Administration.

Program objectives

The training program in Business Administration majoring in Business Administration equips students with basic and modern knowledge in economics, business, and management; in-depth understanding of business administration covering the entire operation and management of enterprises in the context of market economy integration and digital transformation; The knowledge, tools, and skills to perform the functions of the administrator; along with the skills, qualities, and behaviors required of an entrepreneur.

Graduates can effectively plan and organize the implementation of business plans/projects in the enterprise, perform specific tasks in the management and business of the enterprise, organize, operate parts or the whole enterprise.

Key courses

  • Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Organizing behavior
  • Leader
  • Entrepreneurs in digital era
  • Business Communication
  • Introduction of E-Business
  • Digital business strategy

Career opportunities

After graduating, a bachelor of Business Administration can become an expert working in functional departments of enterprises, banks, and organizations such as sales department, planning department, marketing department, human resources department, project management department, finance department, quality management department, assistant or secretary for senior managers in enterprises or organizations. After accumulating enough work experience, graduates can take on middle and high-level management positions, become professional managers and executives.

Some graduates can do teaching and research in business administration and its specialized areas at universities, colleges, and professional schools. In addition, learners can start their businesses.




    Floor 2, Center building, 56 Hoang Dieu st, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc city, HoChiMinh city

    (028) 38.971.640


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