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Programme Objectives

Branch: Business Administration

Branch code: 7340101

Specialization: Logistics and supply chain management


The world is entering the 4th technological revolution, with numerous changes in technology that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on all aspects of human social life. This trend requires countries to prepare in all aspects to keep up with humanity, training highly qualified human resources in logistics and supply chain management as an indispensable requirement. As the global market develops with technological advances, especially the opening of markets in developing and underdeveloped countries, Logistics is considered by managers as a tool, a means of linking different sectors of corporate strategy. Logistics makes time and place proper for business activities. Logistics helps solve both inputs and outputs for businesses and optimizes the movement of materials, goods, services.


The program provides modern and foundational knowledge to help learners master basic and advanced knowledge in Logistics and supply chain management.

The learning process trains learners with essential skills in logistics and supply chain management, such as: Equipping them with the foundational knowledge of basic science, economic science, and management. Analyze, evaluate and solve production and business problems. Investigate, experiment, and exploit information from different sources to propose solutions in production and business. In addition, learners can have critical and comprehensive thinking in solving economic problems.

Provide students a positive attitude to life, be responsible for citizenship, have a sense of physical training to ensure health, and correct awareness of professional ethics. Developing personal skills, physical activity, and professional working attitude, increasing business performance, developing international integration capacity, lifelong learning. Solve problems according to professional ethics

Essential qualities suitable for the industry

Proactive and able to manage personal resources.

Maintain professional knowledge

Good adaptability, withstand pressure.

Strong negotiation, persuasion, and presentation skills

Have the qualities of a manager and have good communication skills


Have logical thinking and forecasting ability, like communicating creatively and sensitively.


  • Managing the supply chain
  • International Logistics
  • Supply chain management strategy
  • Warehousing and distribution channels
  • Purchasing and Sourcing Management
  • Logistics in traffic and transport
  • Management of forwarding and customs declaration
  • Risk management and safety in the supply


After graduating, students can take up jobs at Logistics service companies or work in the Logistics department of enterprises such as Logistics and supply chain management; Managing and operating systems of logistics, materials, and delivery; Analyze optimization solutions in logistics and supply chain; Design a total solution to reduce operational costs in logistics and supply chain management.

Some graduates can do teaching and research in business administration and its specialized areas at universities, colleges, and professional schools. In addition, learners can start their businesses in logistics and supply chain management.




    Floor 2, Center building, 56 Hoang Dieu st, Linh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc city, HoChiMinh city

    (028) 38.971.640


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